Fargesia frigida KR4059


Fargesia frigida KR4059

(syn. Fargesia frigidorum or Borinda frigidorum)


A very hardy, non-running, bamboo collected by Keith Rushforth and introduced via Ness Botanic Garden.

Plentiful upright canes, forming a dense, upright clump about 8ft. (3m) high or more, making it very suitable for screening.

Small, bright green leaves. 

Has tolerated -23C. but may sometimes be deciduous in very severe winters.

The culms are thin and slightly arching, becoming yellowish with age. The persistent culm sheaths are tinted with red

Probably best in full sun. 

The very fresh green foliage and rounded habit of this species make it a very desirable specimen plant.



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Updated 26/7/2017