Fargesia robusta

Fargesia robusta 

(syn. Fargesia robusta 'Campbell' )

An upright, non-running species introduced from the Wolong Nature reserve in Sichuan by Dr. Julian Campbell around 1985.

Distinctive glossy foliage.

Gradually forms a broad, clump of upright, closely spaced, green canes, eventually becoming pale yellow. The white culm sheaths are a very decorative feature in summer.

Height 12 to15ft. (4/5m).

An outstanding new introduction  which has tolerated at least -15C. 

Immensely useful for all purposes but exceptionally good as a non-running decorative screen for  gardens. The plentiful canes can be thinned if  less density is preferred.

Unfortunately  limited availability at present.. .


Various clones are now available:-

'Pingwu'  - A small-leaved form, so far indistinguishable from the type and possibly simply derived from the same species by means of micropropagation. 

'Red Sheath'
 - Red tinted sheaths at the base of the branches in spring. Leaves larger than the type and appears to be much more vigorous.

'Wolong' - Larger leaves than the type and a more arching habit. A geographically different clone but similar in appearance to 'Red Sheath'. Forms a superb large specimen plant or screen.

'P King'
is a new clone with large leaves, resembling 'Wolong' in its characteristics and uses.


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