Very hardy species resembling Pseudosasa japonica


Bashania fargesii

A new introduction which is exceptionally  hardy and vigorous.

Once established it begins to produce impressive, well-spaced,upright canes of  20ft.(7m)  or more.

Canes are dark green, sometimes glaucous.

Vigorously spreading & ideal
for a grove or screen where space permits.

An excellent source of strong garden canes of medium thickness.

Capable of making good growth even in
unpromising soils and cool locations.

Ideal as a woodland plant or on waste ground. Probably has potential for maritime exposure.

Has tolerated -25C.

Will grow in sun or light shade.

Bashania quingchengshanensis has similar characteristics.

Limited stocks.

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Barshania fargesia
  Updated 3/12/2018