Arundinaria gigantea


Borinda albocera Yunnan 3 and Yunnan 2

These belong to  a group of exceptionally attractive clones introduced from China around 1993.

Normally forming  graceful, arching clumps about 10ft high (3m).

When young the culms are blue-grey, maturing to pale yellow.

Attractive small leaves.

Potentially a highly decorative non-running specimen plant or screen for small gardens.

Believed to have tolerated -13C. but  suitability for colder areas is still being assessed.

Hardiness was severely tested during the winter of 2010/11  but there was no clear pattern of  suvival  in various parts of the UK. Initially these clones would be best tried in a sheltered site, possibly with light shade. A deep mulch to protect the root system together with  fleecing may be helpful in cold winters.


No longer in production.


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