Fargesia nitida


Fargesia nitida & varieties. 


A hardy and  exceptionally beautiful species introduced from China in 1889.

Plentiful canes, forming a dense, non-running clump.

Very attractive foliage composed of small  grey -green leaves.

Suitable for sun or shade. Light shade may possibly be an advantage.

Eventually reaches a height of 9 to 12ft. (3m).

New culms are upright and without leaves in their first year but become arching over a period of years as they produce progressively more foliage.If an upright form is desired, older culms can be pruned away in late spring.

Suitable as a specimen plant  or screen and  superb as a woodland plant. 

 Has tolerated -29C.

Several varieties which were in cultivation until flowering  about  2003 have not recovered and are no longer in cultivation. e.g.-

 'Anceps'  More upright and possibly more tolerant of hot weather. ('Nymphenburg' is similar.) 

'Wakehurst'  Larger leaves than the type.

New generation Fargesia nitida, raised from seed at our nursery between 2003 and 2008 is now available in a range of sizes and in two distinct clones - one of which has a narrower leaf than the original form.

'Great Wall'  An early seedling of Fargesia nitida,  subsequently multiplied by a company specialising in micro-propagation. Consequently not expected to flower for a considerable number of years. It is hoped that this clone will otherwise be similar to the original type, reaching a height of 2 to 4m. but the performance of plants produced in this manner has yet to be fully assessed.

Fargesia nitida



 For possible alternatives with rather similar characteristics, please see F. drachocephala,  F. murielae, or F. rufa.








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