Phyllostachys decora

Phyllostachys decora
syn.Phyllostachys manii 'Decora' ) 

( Phyllostachys manii is very similar.)


Forms a slowly spreading clump.

Masses of glossy foliage on upright canes, about 16ft.(6m) high with substantial diameter.

Canes are bright green, becoming yellowish with age, and sometimes tinted orange by exposure to sun.

More tolerant of hot, dry sites than many others. 

Has tolerated -22C. 

Highly effective as a specimen or screen. 

Grown in the UK since 1980.




 Phyllostachys manii 
syn. Phyllostachys manii 'Manii' )

Very similar to the above for garden purposes but culms slightly thinner and less tall and its foliage is a paler green.

Forms a slowly expanding clump.

Equally hardy and tolerant of drier soils.

Excellent as a well behaved specimen plant or screen.

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