Fargesia murieliae

Fargesia murielae

"Umbrella Bamboo"


Introduced from China by Earnest Wilson in 1913 and named after his daughter.  

Graceful, slightly arching foliage. Quickly forms a dense non-running clump of closely spaced canes which are almost invisible under a mass of foliage. 

Eventual height around 11ft. (4m)

One of the most useful and versatile bamboos and has been hybridised with Fargesia nitida to create various new forms such as 'Obelisk' which are much more satisfactory under nursery conditions.

Very hardy and can be grown in sun or light shade. Has tolerated -25C.

 RHS. Award.

 Suitable as a specimen plant, screen, or can be grown in containers. Its varieties provide a choice of different heights.

This species and its original varieties flowered from around 1990 and subsequently died out.

We are trialing Fargesia muriela seedlings raised at our own nursery but these are not yet available for sale


 'Grune Hecke' & 'Mae' are selected forms of the type. -limited availability         

 Several other varieties as follows;-

   'Bimbo' - Dwarf and compact. 3ft.(1m)  (presently unavailable)     

   'Harewood' - Reaches a height of only 4 to 5ft (1.2m) - very limited availability

    'Jumbo'  & 'Super Jumbo' - Taller than the type and  with broader leaves. Approximately 10ft  (3/4m)  (presently unavailable)

   'Simba'  - 6/7 ft. (2m)  (presently unavailable)    


Fargesia murielae x nitida 'Obelisk'

Very similar in appearance to Fargesia murielae but in fact a cross between F. murielae and F. nitida produced by a nursery in Germany.

Plentiful upright canes and dense foliage. Height initially about 3m but capable of reaching 4/4.5m in 10 years.

Unlike F. nitida, new canes produce leaves in their first year.

Hardy and easily grown in sun or light shade .

Suitable as a specimen plant or low screen.                                                                                          

Very limited availability.

Fargesia murielae 'Simba'


Fargesia murielae 'Harewood'



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