borinda  7346

Borinda KR 7346


Recently introduced from Lao Cai Province in Vietnam via the Ness Botanical Gardens.

The  botanical details of this species and its potential as a garden plant are still being assessed but look very promising.  

Slightly arching culms which are blue/grey when young and have relatively large leaves.

Forms a non-running clump 12ft.(4m ) or possibly more in height.

Probably identical with Borinda KR 4558 and Borinda KR 3032.

Pot grown plants about 12ft high flowered here in 2012 and our current stock has been regenerated from the resulting seed.

Its non-running habit and expected mature height of around only (4/5m)  give it great potential for screening in smaller gardens. Also an excellent specimen plant.

A limited number of new generation plants are now available.



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 Upgraded 22/9/2020


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