Borinda grossa KR 5931



Borinda KR 5600  
( "Giant Borinda" ) 


A tall non-running bamboo recently introduced from Po Tsangpo in SE. Tibet.

It was growing at 11,000 ft. above sea level and has so far proved to be hardy in the UK .

A very impressive specimen plant with an upright habit. Also useful for screening.

Probably the tallest of the various forms of Borinda.

Culms have  a bluish waxy bloom when young.

Average height at ten years is likely to be about  25ft (8m) with a spread of 7ft.(2.5m).

At Ness Botanical Gardens it has grown to a height of over 7.5m with a culm diameter of about 4cm.

Limited availability.




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                                                                                            Borinda KR 5600                                    


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