borinda  7346

Borinda papyrifera CS 1046


A very impressive new introduction collected by Chris Stapleton at an elevation of 3300m. on Mt. Zi Ben Shan, Yunnan, China. Sometimes known as ''Blue Dragon'"

Quickly forms a large non-running clump of  closely spaced, blue/grey culms of 5m. or considerably more with a diameter of about 3cm.and quite large leaves.

Great potential for ornamental use as a dramatic specimen plant or screen due to the intense colouration of its younger canes.

Its tolerance of winter temperatures in the UK is still being assessed but so far seems to be quite adequate. Believed to have withstood -15C

 Borinda KR7613 is a very comparable species but with smaller leaves and possibly less tall.

Vigorous when planted  but slow to propagate and consequently  availability is always limited.

Most forms of Borinda have a waxy bloom on their young canes but the intensity of colour varies between species. Other bamboos which have developed good colouration on the nursery are  Borinda perlonga, B. KR7662, B.KR7346, B. KR 5287,  and Thamnocalamus crassinoda 'Gosainkund'.


Borinda papyrifera KR 3968   was collected by Keith Rushforth at a higher elevation so is expected to be a hardier form but at present its availability will be extremely limited.


Borinda KR 7613 

(originally listed as Borinda papyracea KR 7613 )

An outstanding new introduction with great potential.

Collected at 3200m in Caojian, Yunnan by Keith Rushforth and introduced via  Ness Botanical Gardens.

 A non-ruuning species with  culms which are initially blue-grey and should reach a height  18ft.or more. (6m).

Very comparable with Borinda papyrifera and with equally well coloured canes which may possibly be slightly less tall.

Slightly arching habit and fairly small leaves.

Newly emerging culms have dark red culm sheaths contrasting with the blue grey of older stems.

 Superb as a tall specimen plant. and can also be used for screening.

Appears fully hardy and was very little affected by the severe conditions of 2010.  

Limited availability.




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