borinda  7346

Borinda perlonga Yunnan 6

(syn. Fargesia communis)


An attractive non-running species first introduced into the UK by Chris Stapleton in 1995 from 2,600m on Cang Shan, Yunnan Province, China. A subsequent introduction made into Holland is distinguished as “Yunnan 6”

Culms initially have a bluish waxy covering and are expected to reach about 5/6m. Mature culms develop an arching habit as foliage increases.

Persistent culm sheaths and dense, pale green foliage.

Hardy in the SW. and is believed to have tolerated -12C but its suitability for northern gardens has yet to be assessed.

A useful addition to the range of Borinda species with good potential as a specimen plant or screen.


Limited availability.




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