Chusquea culeou


Chusquea culeou

( "Foxtail Bamboo")

Very distinctive arrangement of foliage, sometimes likened to a fox tail.

 Forms a dense, upright non - running clump with a  mature height of about 8/12ft.(4m) 

A native of temperate mountainous regions and may resent extremes of temperature. Has tolerated -18C. 

An instantly recognisable and striking specimen plant which also has potential for screening. However, it does not adapt well to being container grown, even under nursery conditions. 

A superb bamboo for all but the smallest gardens. RHS. Award.

Suitable for sun or light shade but possibly benefits from light shade.

First introduced from Chile in 1890 where it has evolved into various geographical forms. Stocks available in the UK are probably best regarded as a mixture of un-named clones with slightly differing characteristics.

Slow to propagate and consequently availability is always very limited.





Chusquea culeou "Weeping Form"/"Tall Form"


A very robust clone introduced into the UK in 2002 as seed from a botanical garden in California. and described as Chusquea  culeou "Weeping Form".

After twelve years, a specimen growing amongst Birch trees on thin acidic soil close to Beeley Moors has formed a dense upright clump of about 10ft (3m).  In the same time here  at the nursery it has developed a spread of about 1.2m and a height of  15ft. (4/5m.)  The culms are strong and of medium diameter with dark green foliage. As yet its habit  has remained upright but older canes may possibly begin to arch as they produce a greater weight of foliage.

Has tolerated -16C

Not comparable in size with Chusquea gigantea but a fine intermediate form, which is perhaps more appropriate for smaller gardens.

This is the only available tall Chusquea until  seedlings of Chusquea gigantea have matured in a few years time.

Possibly best in light shade.

Slow to propagate and consequently very limited avaiability.


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