Fargesia robusta

Fargesia robusta 

(syn. Fargesia robusta 'Campbell' )

An upright, non-running species introduced from the Wolong Nature reserve in Sichuan by Dr. Julian Campbell  to USA around 1985.

Fargesia robusta is the type form but in the USA it is often listed as Fargesia robusta 'Campbell'  to distinguish it from the various other clones shown below.

Quickly forms plentiful upright, closely spaced  canes making it exceptionally  useful for screening.

Distinctive light green glossy foliage.

Gradually forms a broad, clump of upright, closely spaced, green canes, eventually becoming pale yellow.

One of the earliest to shoot. The white culm sheaths are a very decorative feature in spring and early summer.

Average height 12 to16ft. (4/5m) but has been known to reach  20ft. in very favourable areas.

Average spread in 10 years 75/150cm (2/5ft).

Pruning away older canes from established clumps may improve appearance but is not essential.

Suitable for sun or light shade.

An outstanding new introduction  which has tolerated  -18C.  .


 Various clones are also available:-

'Pingwu'  -
A small-leaved form, so far indistinguishable from the type but possibly slightly less tall and more bushy in its habit.

'Red Sheath'
 - Red tinted sheaths at the base of the branches in spring. Leaves larger than the type.  Appears to be much more vigorous. (please see separate page)

'Wolong' - Larger leaves than the type and a more arching habit. A geographically different clone but similar in appearance to 'Red Sheath'. Forms a superb large specimen plant or screen.

'P King'
is a new clone with large leaves, resembling 'Wolong' in its characteristics and uses.


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