Phyllostachys aurea

Phyllostachys aurea   
( " Fish- pole Bamboo" )

A hardy, upright species which is believed to have tolerated -20C  although in some areas it was damaged by the severe winter of 2010.

Stout, dull, medium green stems, becoming yellowish with age.

The foliage is generally a medium green but sometimes pale and can even become yellowish especially in the case of pot grown specimens.

Easily recognised by the congested nodes at the base of the canes of older plants.

Relatively slow growing but at maturity its height can be 15ft. or more (5 to 7m.). 

Best in full sun.

Remains as an upright clump under the relatively cool conditions of most of the UK but quite capable of running in warmer climates.

Its name causes confusion as neither the canes nor foliage are gold under normal growing conditions. 

Useful for hedges or screens  but by no  means the most colourful bamboo to use as a specimen plant and we concentrate on growing its more decorative varieties.

If grown in a container, this species will need regular feeding to prevent it from becoming pale and starved.

 RHS. Award.

Limited availability


Please see separate pages for varieties of  Phyllostachys aurea.



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Updated 12/1/2022