Phyllostachys heteroclada

Phyllostachys heteroclada 'Solidus'

"Water Bamboo"

(Syn.  Phyllostachys purpurata 'Straight Stem')

A vigorous and hardy, general purpose bamboo.

Invaluable for wet sites as the rhizomes have special air channels to enable them to survive in conditions which might not be tolerated by other species. 

Plentiful green canes, becoming yellowish with age.

Light green foliage.

Has tolerated -23C.

Vigorous and moderately spreading. Height around  14ft. (5m). Lower internodes are solid rather than hollow.

Suitable for screening or as a specimen plant. (also listed as  Phyllostachys purpurata 'Solid Stem' )


Phyllostachys heteroclada 'Straight Stem'

Appears to be less vigorous and more upright in its habit.

Capable of runninng but usually forms an open clump with a spread of 100 to 150cm in ten years.

The small narrow  leaves are light green with silvery undersides.

The young canes are distinctly glaucous.

 Height around 4m.

Stocks of this form are limited at present.



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