Phyllostachys nigra


Phyllostachys nigra 'Megurochiku'

A slow growing form of Phyllostachys nigra which is rare both in the wild and in cultivation.

Similar in appearance to ‘Henonis’ but with a distinctive brown or almost black sulcus (groove) on the older culms.

 Attractive dark green foliage which appears to remain in better condition over winter than Phyllostachys nigra, possibly because it originates from a colder location.

The culms are initially green, ageing to pale orange or a yellowish green which forms a very distinctive contrast with the dark sulci. Stem colour may sometimes be better in cooler conditions.

Has tolerated -21C.

 Forms an upright, open clump. Height 16ft.(5m) or more.

 A choice, slow growing specimen plant, colouring best in full sun.

Slow to propagate and  very limited availability.

                                                                                                                                       Phyllostachys nigra'Fulva'

A rare variety distiguished by  tawny or dusky coloured culms, sometimes with darker patches. Maximum diameter 3cm.

Upright or slightly arching habit.

Average mature height 5m.

Foliage  light green or yellowish and may be less prone than other forms of Phyllostachys nigra to bleaching of the leaf tips during winter.

Very slow growing and should not be crowded by other species.

A choice collectors' variety, ideal for small gardens.

Propagation is slow and availability very limited. (one only this year)

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