Phyllostachys nigra

Phyllostachys nigra 'Henonis'


The parent of Phyllostachys nigra but with taller upright, green or yellowish canes reaching  16ft.(6m) or considerably more in favourable conditions. 

Fully mature plants are capable of producing culms of up to 10cm in diameter.

Normally forms a tall, slowly expanding , non-running clump.

Has tolerated -26C. 

The leaves are small and have pale undersides, giving rise to a shimmering effect as the branches move. 

RHS. Award.

Its dense, upright habit makes it very suitable as a specimen, tall screen, or grove for sun or light shade.

Does not seem to respond favourably to nursery conditions and does not display well when being grown in pots. It is however extremely effective for screening puposes and deserves to be more widely used. 





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