Phyllostachys vivax huanvenzhu

Phyllostachys vivax 'Huanvenzhu'


Tall, hardy, and very impressive. Capable of reaching 20ft.(7m) or more, even as a young plant.

Glossy green canes with yellow stripes.

 Large diameter for the UK. 

The lower parts of the canes are well displayed, with few branches and this effect can be further enhanced by pruning any branches occurring below head height. 

Excellent as a specimen plant or for screening. If allowed, it will spread slowly to give an open grove which can be especially effective if established close to a downstairs window.

Attractive glossy foliage.

Has tolerated -23C. 

Sun or light shade.

May occasionally produce canes which have reverted to the inverse pattern of yellow canes and green stripes (Phyllostachys vivax  'Aureocaulis')

Phyllosyachys vivax 'Huanvenzhu Inversa' is similar  to 'Aureocaulis' but is considered to be a deeper yellow. Very limited availability for this form at present.






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