Semiarundinaria yashadake

Semiarundinaria yashadake 'Kimmei'


Decorative and easily grown. Plentiful, closely spaced, thin yellow canes, striped with green and often tinted red in winter.

Height about 6 to 10ft.(3m).

Upright habit. Forms a broad, steadily expanding clump which can be controlled if necessary. 

Has tolerated  -18C.

Dense, fresh green foliage in summer  There is sometimes a loss of foliage quality during winter but this is quickly replaced in spring.

Suitable as a specimen plant, screen.

 The plentiful new canes each year, provide a rapid effect in containers. ot troughs.

A very useful choice where a shorter variety is preferred. Its vigour and tough constitution make it particularly suitable for utilitarian areas such as car parks.



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